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Boardroom Enterprise Prepaid Pricing

FEATURES Price Minimum
1 month unlimited usage RM 30.00 1 month
3 month unlimited usage ( 5% Discount ) RM 85.50 3 months
6 month unlimited usage (10% Discount ) RM 162.00 6 months
12 month unlimited usage (15% Discount ) RM 306.00 12 months
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Boardroom Product Feature

Security login to ensure safety and privacy
Number to user per video conferencing unlimited six
Application via Web Browser
1-Click Meeting
Private and Group chat
E attendance record
Recorded meeting on host database
File media sharing and white board
Hosting a Meeting
Meeting Scheduler
Calender reminder
Meeting notification
File Sharing (GSuite Drive/Box/Dropbox/OneDrive)
Conferencing page layout
Page customization for Corporate Identity
Advertisement display

Technical Requirements & Specs Sheet

Video quality dynamically adjusts based on the strength of a user's network connectivity. This is done by the Subscriber sending feedback packets to the publisher that say "My network quality is at 'x' level. Please adjust your published video bit-rate to accommodate my current bandwidth". The faster and more stable a Subscriber's broadband connection is, the better the video quality it will request.

This mechanism works well until a certain point. If a Subscriber's bandwidth drops below a certain threshold, or if a Publisher has very little bandwidth to upload video, behavior can be unpredictable. Video may be choppy, audio may have artifacts, and the connection could be dropped.

We recommend a minimum dedicated bandwidth to maintain stable video connection.

  • 350kb/s down per downloaded stream
  • 350kb/s up per uploaded stream

For various resolutions and quality combinations, the bandwidth requirements are outlined below.

  • Excellent - None or imperceptible impairments in media
  • Acceptable - Some impairments in media, leading to some momentary disruptions

Audio and Video Streams

For the given qualities and resolutions, all the following conditions must met.

Quality Video Resolution @ FPS Video kbps Packet Loss
Excellent 1280x720 @ 30 > 1000 < 0.5%
Excellent 640x480 @ 30 > 600 < 0.5%
Excellent 352x288 @ 30 > 300 < 0.5%
Excellent 320x240 @ 30 > 300 < 0.5%
Acceptable 352x288 @ 30 > 150 < 3%
Acceptable 320x240 @ 30 > 150 < 3%

Note that the default publish settings for video are 640x480 pixels @ 30 fps in Boardroom.js and the Boardroom iOS SDK. The default is 352x288 @ 30 fps in the Boardroom Android SDK.

Audio-only Streams

For the given qualities, the following conditions must met.

Quality Audio kbps Packet Loss

  • Excellent > 30 < 0.5%
  • Acceptable > 25 < 5%

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